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Emily's Story

Let’s be honest, the fashion industry isn’t necessarily all rainbows and unicorns all the time. In fact, it’s been called ‘elitist’, ‘narcissistic’, ‘saturated’, ‘brutally cut throat’ and then some…just to name a few.

Why would anyone ever want to be part of something like this you ask? For me, the answer was simple, I believe that everyone was born with their own unique story to write in life. Personally, as someone who has always been the walking combination of both bold and shy, I fell in love with fashion because it was the way for me to tell my story without having to speak a word. A conversation piece…an ice breaker…a friend maker. Now I am thrilled and humbled to design the wardrobe for the millions of women around the world who are just like me.

Some may even say fashion runs in my blood. From an early age my parents used to gift me with paper doll books, however, I despised the boring ‘in the box style’ outfits that came with those paper dolls. My dolls needed style…panache even. What did I do? I started sketching and designing my own outfits for those dolls. That was the start of it all. Writing the story I wanted to live.

I’m a rule bender, a path paver, and an innovator. I’m proud, passionate, and thoughtful. I’m a WRITTEN Woman, fashionably telling the story I’m writing in life one pencil skirt at a time.

 - Emily Carlson



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