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WRITTEN Apparel + Midwest Fashion Week

Posted on October 20 2016

This week we’ve been preparing to show the WRITTEN Apparel Autumn/Winter 2016 collection for the first time at Midwest Fashion Week: Chicago on Saturday, October 22nd. As Founder and Creative Director, I was one of 18 designers invited to present at Midwest Fashion Week this year, and will be one of six presenting at the Chicago event.

To be honest, as a designer, I live for events like these! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the culmination of hard work come together in an artfully crafted way. For me, the best part is choosing the right music to create the ultimate sensory experience that complements the clothing I have thoughtfully designed and brought to life.


So what’s the story on how I got involved with Midwest Fashion Week?

Well, it was one of those stories that had everything to do with “the right time and the right place”. A few years back, while attending a fabric exhibit in Chicago, I was sitting at the venue awaiting a guest speaker presentation. I struck up a conversation with a very well dressed, suit-clad man sitting to my right and we got to chatting. Next thing I knew, he was getting up to present as the guest speaker at the event. Turns out, he was Berny Martin, the Founder of Midwest Fashion Week. It was through that connection, that I was invited to show at Midwest Fashion Week in Indianapolis last year, and now this year am taking the stage in The Windy City.

As an internationally recognized designer/tailor himself, Berny established Midwest Fashion Week to celebrate the limitless possibilities of the clothing design community and “takes great pride in showing the international community how Midwest fashion fits nicely into the world fashion scene.” I couldn’t agree more and am very proud to be showcasing WRITTEN Apparel as the only Iowa-based fashion brand in attendance.

Local publications were in support of our mission and our exciting news this week and we even got some great press out of the whole thing. I’ll never say no to that! Check out the full write-ups from Corridor Business Journal and The Gazette to learn more.

For more information on the Midwest Fashion Week event, including ticket registration, click here.




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