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What Is The Story Behind The WRITTEN Embroidered Patches?

Posted on June 22 2017

It has become very clear in fashion that patching up your own clothing has become a huge trend. Brands from all over are adapting to what their consumers want which is patches, patches, and more patches. Recently, WRITTEN Apparel has launched a limited edition collection of embroidered patches, but with a unique motivation.

Full WRITTEN 6 Piece Embroidered Patch Collection, $50

The embroidered patches inspiration comes directly from our favorite thing to talk about, YOU. The WRITTEN Woman is unlike any other, she is strong, empowered, and her story is meant to be other words, she is a #GirlBoss. Show the world what you’re made of with these embroidered patches.

WRITTEN Logo Embroidered Patches

The beauty of the WRITTEN patch is that WRITTEN can mean different things to different people. In our case, it means Write Your Story, Tell Your Story.

WRITTEN Logo, $10

Write Your Story Embroidered Patch

The WRITTEN brand was built around the idea that everyone was born with their own unique story to write in life. The story is different from woman to woman. However, the commonality is that the WRITTEN Woman doesn’t wait for the story to unfold. She paves her own path and writes it herself.

Write Your Story Embroidered Patch, $12

Tell Your Story Embroidered Patch

The second component to the WRITTEN brand is based on our designs/products themselves. While you are writing your own life story, WRITTEN is providing the statement wardrobe that speaks volumes for your story without you having to speak a word. The WRITTEN wardrobe tells the story unique to the WRITTEN Woman writing it.

Tell Your Story Embroidered Patch, $15

WRITTEN Woman Embroidered Patch

#WRITTENWoman was created as a branded hashtag for social media. We encourage our customers to use it when they are doing something in their life that embodies the spirit of the WRITTEN Woman, or simply when they are wearing their WRITTEN wardrobe. Founder, Emily Carlson wanted to create a patch that used this idea. So in the patch the # is made from pencils…a key tool needed when writing one’s story.

WRITTEN Woman Embroidered Patch, $12

To The Top Embroidered Patch

This is something Emily has personally said right from the beginning. On her way “To The Top” is where she wants to go in the fashion world, but this has spun into a mindset that all WRITTEN Women share. They strive for excellence and because of that, they find themselves “at the top” of their perspective fields.

To The Top Embroidered Patch, $15

Now that you know the motivation behind the WRITTEN Embroidered Patches Collection, it is time to put it into action. We realize it can be time-consuming and expensive to constantly be staying up to date with each and every trend. Luckily, we came up with quick and easy steps you can follow to make your own WRITTEN jacket that is personal, meaningful, and very fashion forward with our embroidered patches. 

Whether the embroidered patches are inspiring you to tell your own story, or to remind you to always be pushing until you reach the top, we want you to wear the jacket each time feeling empowered and motivated.

This 10 minute DIY will have you styling in minutes.

Now, you have a very stylish new jean jacket that needs to be styled. Wear it with confidence and have the WRITTEN patches help tell your story. Your old jean jacket just became a new closet treasure.

Make sure to tag @WrittenApparel when you wear your WRITTEN inspired jacket!

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