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Wedding Season Exclusive: The Luxury Pouches You Need

Posted on June 16 2017

The dress got the ‘Yes!”, cake and pastries are being taste tested, fresh florals made into intricate bouquets, and love is skipping through the air. That’s right, wedding season is upon us.

Cupid is not holding back from bouncing from couple to couple, but let’s be honest a relationship is the least of your worries. After all, as a WRITTEN Woman, you know it will happen when it happens; right now, your career is your boyfriend and you’re ok with it.

So, what are you really thinking about for this wedding extravaganza you’ve been invited to (amongst half a dozen others)? “What am I going to wear?” of course.

You recognize that your ensemble needs to reflect the elegant nature of this special event, while still allowing the bride to own the spotlight. WRITTEN Women, I have just the subtle detail you are looking for and it’s signed, sealed and delivered in the form of luxury pouches.

For decades, wedding attire has seen the same old Minaudieres (decorative handbags and clutches) being worn time and time again. Don’t get me wrong, these clutches are classic and they’ve served their purpose, but it’s time to put them into retirement and embrace something new and oh-so-chic. Welcome to the world of satin, leather, and suede luxury pouches.

We’ve seen this innovative accessory introduced by brands such as Creatures of Comfort and Attico with more to follow inevitably. Inspired somewhat by the shape of an everyday shopping bag, the asymmetrical handles and glamorous detailing are what gives these luxury pouches their chic appeal.

Lightweight and spacious, these luxury pouches are the perfect date for your special occasion style needs. You can finally store your phone, wallet, powder, and lipstick all in one bag. All this, without the hassle of looking for alternative storage in the pocket of your nearest male friend or God forbid your bra. Can I get an “Amen”?

Constructed of materials like satin, leather, silk, and suede these pouches bring you the essence of true luxury. Finally, the worlds of function and fashion have collided in a union of holy matrimony!

For inspiration on how to wear these luxurious accessories, check out these looks via Creatures of Comfort and Luisa Viaroma.

Suede Luxury Pouches


Leather Luxury Pouches

Satin Luxury Pouches


Convinced yet? Break the mold this summer with your newly found love of luxury pouches and bring them along for the next summer wedding you attend. Variety in color, size, and function can be personally selected to meet your style.

Now if you happen to catch the wedding bouquet, that is an accessory we cannot help you with. Good luck!

For more wedding attire inspiration, read this article from the New York Times .

Wedding season is such a special time of the year; What’s your best or worst wedding memory?


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