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Treat Yourself With These Practices: Mind, Body, & Soul

Posted on August 14 2017

Every WRITTEN woman is pushed for time. With back to back meetings, an endless to-do list and a long queue of people to please, it’s no wonder we’ve completely forgotten to pay attention to our mind, body, & soul feel.

But without making the necessary time for self-care, you risk feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and exhausted; and there’s only so long you can keep on going this way before you burn out.

We’ve compiled a list of the ways you can care for your mind, body, & soul every day, in a relatively short space of time, with little to no cost.

Make your mind, body, & soul still for a moment

Practicing meditation and mindfulness are great ways to do this. However, if meditation is not your thing take 5-10 minutes out of your day to sit quietly and reflect on your thoughts and feelings.

Take a bubble bath

Light some candles, add some fragrant flower petals, your favourite bath soak or salts, and put on some relaxing music or grab a good book.

Invest in an aromatherapy diffuser & essential oils

Essential oils contain so many health benefits and healing properties, and will also leave your home smelling like a wonderfully fancy spa!

Start a self-love journal

Buy a blank sketchbook that fits in your handbag. Then spend an hour or two each week filling it with things that make you feel amazing. This can be inspirational images or quotes. Or even a compliment you received, a pick-me-up for whenever you’re feeling down. If you’re feeling creative add explosions of paint, glitter bombs, stickers and gorgeous patterned paper, whatever makes you feel expressive.

Take yourself on a date

Take the time out to enjoy a lovely meal you haven’t had to cook, visit a local art exhibition, or take a trip to a town you’ve never been to before.

#Treatyoself to a beautiful bouquet

Don’t wait for someone to gift you flowers. Stop by your local florist or snip some from your garden and pop them in a pretty vase. Put them somewhere you’ll see them every day.

Take a walk close to nature

Allow your lungs to fill with fresh air and your mind to feel grounded by the beauty of your natural surroundings.

Cook yourself a delicious meal from scratch

Use all natural ingredients and a simple recipe to whip up a meal that both satisfies and energises you.

Fully Unplug

Take an evening, a day, or a weekend to have a social media detox, switch off the TV and don’t check your emails.

Write a DONE list at the end of the day

Most of us are so focused on our goals and to-do lists that we forget to stop and celebrate all that we have achieved. Grab your favourite notebook and make a list of every single one of your achievements in the day – no matter how small. Then read it back to yourself.

Pick at least one of these to include in your life each day this week and pay attention to the difference you feel in your mind, body & soul.



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