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Travel Guide: Your Packing Tips and Tricks

Posted on June 09 2017

As summer is finally kicking into full gear, it is time to pack your bag and take a trip! While I know, not everyone can take a summer vacay, the WRITTEN Woman has travel plans that will take her near and far. To ensure relaxing travels, it is important to know how to pack like a pro.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the secrets of packing for your trip to make your life stress free and more organized? Well, I’m here to help WRITTEN Women of the world. Here’s my exclusive travel guide breaking down some of the best packing tips and tricks. You can take these with you on your next expedition, including, what luggage to use and the best way to stay organized.



Pre-Travel Packing Tips

Create a checklist: As a busy, on-the-go person, with a lot on my mind, I desperately rely on structure and organization. I have found success in making travel checklists. To do this, I pick out outfits before the trip by thinking through each day: what does the weather forecast entail, what activities will I be doing, etc.

It also helps to try to think through what I will need on the plane or car ride, toiletries, accessories, shoes, and beauty products. Once I’ve created my checklist, all that’s left to do, is go down the list and add everything into my luggage. Packing becomes a breeze and I don’t forget anything important.

Choose versatile clothing: Meegan Hofmeister is a fellow WRITTEN Woman who is fashion obsessed, travel enthused, and Founder of her life + style blog, She also just so happens to be a great friend. When asked about her life as a jet-setter, Meegan expressed her love for travel but her dislike for the packing and unpacking process. She shared that she preps for every trip to stay organized so she is prepared in advance, but still finds herself packing the night before or morning of her trip.

One of Hofmeister’s favorite packing tips; “Because I always pack too many shoes… and shoes take up so much space…I try to avoid pairs that I can only wear with one outfit. If I can’t wear them multiple times on a trip, they aren’t worthy of the precious suitcase space”.

Choosing The Right Luggage

Not every trip requires the same luggage, but there are some great pieces out there that can cover most any travel affair. Most importantly, find a bag that is the best suited for you and your trip.

Here’s a look at my top WRITTEn Woman approved luggage picks:

Best suitcase of 2017 –  “AERO”  by Delsey Paris

  • This suitcase is all about style and durability; with 8 rolling wheels, you’ll be able to navigate from terminal to terminal in those high heels with ease…even if you find yourself having to book it between flights.
  • It also has a front compartment that is easily accessible for stowing laptops, folders, chargers, books, and more.
  • Another bonus? The AERO suitcase is just one of a whole family of sizes to choose from so you have four different options to select depending on your travel needs.
  • Finally, it has security…no more leaving all of your personal things for the world to find. You have access to a lock and can be reassured your items are secured.



Best carry on luggage – EO Hardshell Roller 

  • Users share that the most genius part of the bag, is that it has a front pocket to store your laptops and other electronics. This separate pocket is TSA machine approved, meaning you don’t have to take out your electronics in security.
  • No more scrambling through security lines while unpacking your entire carry-on contents. For someone like the WRITTEN Woman who travels frequently, this is a game changer.



Best luggage set – Waverly Boutique

  • This set from Waverly Boutique offers multiple prints and a variety of colors providing the WRITTEN Woman something cute, comfortable, and easy to spot on the luggage carousel.
  • Although all pieces within this set of four can be purchased separately, this full set caters to all your travel needs, especially lengthier trips or international destinations. The set includes a large suitcase, carry on, duffel bag, and makeup kit.
  • Complete with spinning wheels, you’ll always be rolling with style.


Matching luggage set from Waverly Boutique includes large suitcase, carry on, duffel bag, and makeup kit


Hacks to optimize your luggage space

There are tons of little hacks to create more space within your luggage.

Hofmeister says, “I always lay out each outfit before packing it in the suitcase. While overpacking is inevitable for me, I try to select pieces that can be mixed and matched to make different looks. This saves room for the shopping I’ll do, while there! I pack each outfit and the coordinating accessories (in a Ziploc) together, so I don’t have to completely unpack each day when getting ready”.


Roll your clothing: Start with a look you plan on wearing, lay it out flat, and then roll all the pieces tightly together. The great part about this is despite what you might think, this technique doesn’t create wrinkles. Rolling the clothing doesn’t create the crisp lines that a fold does, thus alleviating the need to track down an ironing board once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Shower caps will keep you dirt free: Are you packing shoes that might be a little dirty or plan on hiking or walking a lot on your trip? Put your shoes in a shower cap so they don’t get dirt on your bag or other clothing.

Pill Cases: Don’t have room for a big handbag to put all of your small jewelry and accessories in? Use an old pill case or buy a pill case from any drugstore to use as a makeshift jewelry box…it’s a perfect fit for your earrings and rings. If you can find a pill case labeled with M,T,W,T,F,S,S…even better! Now you can plan out your accessories for every day of your trip before you even reach 30,000 feet.

Whether traveling for work or play, the WRITTEN Woman has enough on her mind. Use these packing tips to make your next travel plan effortless and stress-free so all you have to worry about is what podcast to listen to on your Uber ride to the airport.

What are your favorite tips or tricks for travel?


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