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This Summer’s Most Flattering Swimwear – The Swimsuit Edit

Posted on June 23 2017

Swimsuit season is here whether we are ready for it or not. I understand that in the midst of the WRITTEN Woman’s hustle, a workout is not always the first thing being checked off of our daily to-do lists. Don’t let this stop you from getting your full dose of summer.

First and foremost, you must always remember, you are a WRITTEN Woman, beautiful on the inside and out. You have one of the most killer work ethics out there and it is extremely important to take the time to give your mind and body the rest and Vitamin D it so desperately needs.

With the obvious being established, I am here to give you all the reasons, five to be exact, to ditch your basic bikini and enjoy the great outdoors in this seasons most flattering swimwear.

Here’s a few WRITTEN Woman approved flattering swimwear picks for the season:

The One-Piece  The one-piece swimsuit, once old fashioned, is now the hottest trend of 2017!

Let me tell ya, the WRITTEN Team is l-o-v-i-n-g the one-pieces. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, and embellishments, this classic swimwear style is a great way to show off your style between taking a dip and basking in the sun. With one-Pieces you won’t have worry about any coverage mishaps or showing off any rolls while sitting pool-side.

Shopping Tip: With any swimsuits that cover the belly, it is important to avoid solid colors, black being the main exception. A solid color could emphasize sections that you are actually trying to disguise. Also, choose subtle patterns or prints that distract the eye without overwhelming, as bold or busy prints can give off the illusion of looking wider than you are.

The High Waisted Bottoms – Can you believe it? Another style about as old as time itself.

With high-waisted bottoms being all the rage in fashion right now, we are surprised the trend didn’t circle around sooner. Despite this, we are glad it is here nonetheless. High-waisted swimwear offers exactly the flattering effects that you’re used to with our high waisted pencil skirts.

We all encompass unique and beautiful features, however, if your lower mid-section is not one of those, this swimsuit style is the one for you. We love it because it covers the midsection, sucks in yesterday’s splurge on take-out, while accentuating the top of your abdomen which is typically more flattering.

Shopping Tip: Find Bottoms that truly fit your body type. Buying high-waisted bottoms too tight can move excess skin into the top midsection, creating an odd muffin top. Buying bottoms too baggy will cause you to be uncomfortable. Find a bottom that doesn’t dig into your thighs and stretches comfortably across your rear to achieve the perfect fit. The swimsuit will do the rest.

The Cut-Outs  Seen in a variety of clothing from classic dresses to grunge tees, cutouts are now diving into flattering swimwear too.

Though there are plenty of varieties and styles of cut-outs to choose from, they can be the trickiest to wear. Swimsuits with cut-outs that don’t highlight the right areas can take all the fun out of your dressing room experience.

Shopping Tip: Avoid cut-outs in your midsection or sides. No matter how toned you are, this can give the effect of a muffin top or pudge. The best way to shop for cut-out swimsuits is to find ones that highlight the upper mid-region and chest, as shown in the swimsuit below from Robin Piccone.

The Off-The-Shoulder  Yet another groundbreaking fashion trend making its way into the world of flattering swimwear.

There is such an elegance that off-the-shoulder tops can give. Which is exactly what we need while sipping a tropical drink by the pool. Make that two drinks! The best part about off-the-shoulder swimsuits is getting a chance to show off your collar bone. That’s right, exposing your collarbone is capable of naturally making you appear slimmer. Luckily, this flattering swimwear does just that.

Shopping Tip: With the extreme elegance and beauty of this top comes restrictions, like anything in fashion. Since the top spans from shoulder to shoulder it can limit the mobility of your arms. My advice to you? Find tops that stretch and try them on before buying to make sure you can move your arms freely. If you can’t but absolutely love it, be prepared to only wear this swimsuit top on days you will only be moving your drink from the table to your lips.

The Deep V  Not every WRITTEN Woman may be comfortable with a style so revealing, however the benefits of a style like this might make it worth a try.

This large cutout can effectively elongate any torso making it appear leaner. Sure, the tan lines might be a little funky, but overall, a great option for a bit more sultry take on swimwear.

Shopping Tip: Do your best to avoid horizontal stripes. Wearing horizontal stripes takes your eye from side to side, making the human body appear wider. The opposite effect is caused by vertical stripes. Like those shown on the swimsuit from Anthropologie, it creates the illusion that your torso is longer than it truly is.

Now you really have no excuses not to be flaunting these flattering swimwear styles this summer. Whatever you are working on can wait, or at least we have mobile devices that are pool friendly.

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