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The Tights Edit: Your Winter Pencil Skirt Savior

Posted on December 15 2016

Well, it’s absolutely freaking freezing this week and feels like the winters I’ve lived in for the past 30 years. Is it fun? No! Would I rather be on a beach sipping something fruity and soaking up too many sun rays? Yes! I may digress…so anyways, this week one of our customers received her Blanche style pencil skirt from us and commented on the need for tights. Good thinking Laci!

Tights are a great way to extend your wardrobe into the winter months and get more wear out of your favorite pieces. In our case, tights are the savior for the pencil skirt looks you’re dying to wear despite the chill in the air. Of course a good pair of solid black is a necessary staple, but there are tons of other beautiful options out there too so you can tell the story unique to you.

Below, we’ve selected our top 10 picks for tights styles to keep you covered through the winter months…literally.

Best Alternative To Black

We’ve seen navy replace black in many settings, why not try it with these ribbed tights from FALKE?

falke rib tights

Best Alternative To Fishnets

Fishnets certainly have a time and place. Try out this refreshing twist with these tights from Wolford.

wolford nele tights

Most Unique

These tights from Hue are just downright cool with lacquered dots adding interest and texture.


Coolest Take On A Classic

We’ve all seen hosiery with the sexy seam up the back. These tights from Wolford take it to the next level.


Most Bad Ass

Zig zags and shimmer…what more can we say? These tights are perfect when channeling your inner rockstar.


Best Smoothing

These tights had us at “micro massage of lymph nodes in the groin” and claim to help reduce effects of cellulite.


Prettiest Print

These tights from Hue are a fabulous riff on the upholstery print trend, plus they are just darn pretty!


Most Holiday Party Worthy

The holidays scream sparkle and glitter. These tights from Anthropologie have that all wrapped up.


Best Opaque

Opaque black tights should be a staple in every woman’s closet…period.


Most On Trend

Polka prints are extremely hot right now and go with just about anything while adding a bit of flair.





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