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The Paper Bag Waist: Everything You Need To Know

Posted on December 08 2016

This week, we had a WRITTEN fan write in to us asking “how to wear our Daphne style pencil skirt with a top”. Since we know that if one person is thinking it, there are probably a lot more women out there wondering the same thing…we decided we would write about it. Great question Meredith!

Our Daphne skirt is one of the most popular from our latest collection and for good reason; she can transition effortlessly from day to night and even from season to season. You can’t go wrong with that. The statement to this piece is the paper bag style waist, which although it’s amazing, we admit can pose some challenges for styling.

Here is everything you need to know about the paper bag style waist and how to wear it like the WRITTEN Woman you are!

  • What the heck is a paper bag waist? A paper bag waist has to be high-waisted and gathered at some area with fabric coming out the top, above the cinched area. Since all WRITTEN pencil skirts are high waisted, we’ve got this one nailed! The bonus is, with any high waisted skirt including the paper bag style, legs will always look longer. “Legs For Days” we like to say.


  • Why the paper bag waist? Because they are hot right now and have been for a few seasons. We always like to put a modern twist on the WRITTEN pencil skirt to take it from the “ordinary classic” to the “extraordinary statement piece” in your wardrobe. The paper bag waist paired with the double belts you see with our Daphne skirt speak for themselves.


  • Most importantly…the million dollar question…How do I wear the paper bag waist? It’s really quite simple. With such a beautiful design, you want the focus to be on your waist. With that, you have two options: crop tops or fitted tops. Crop tops are the right length to cover your torso while still highlighting your waist, while fitted tops make it easy to tuck in without uncomfortable blousing or bunching.

This curated style board shows you a number of possibilities for how to style the paper bag waisted Daphne pencil skirt. Mix and match any of these pieces to create a winning combination!

Paper Bag Waist Style Guide



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