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Take Your Powerhouse Pleats From Day To Night

Posted on March 27 2017

The pencil skirt has undoubtedly been deemed a professional woman’s wardrobe staple and there is no denying that. In fact, we pride ourselves on the fact that a WRITTEN pencil skirt rivals even the finest tailored power suit in the boardroom. On the flip side of this, however, I know that the WRITTEN Woman is looking for a wardrobe she can wear beyond the office; that’s why I make it a point to create designs that can easily transition from day-to-night in the blink of an eye (or the swap of a stiletto).

A few weeks back, we introduced, Li, our latest pencil skirt design for the WRITTEN Composed Collection. As previously shared, my inspiration for Li stemmed from a summer spent in the culturally rich provinces of China; everything from the color palette to the powerhouse pleats were designed from that inspiration. Since launching Li, a question I’ve heard from our WRITTEN Women customers is: “How would you style this skirt”? Today seemed like as good a time as any to sit down and share with you my style secrets for Li’s powerhouse pleats and how to own the look from day-to-night.

Day To Night Powerhouse Pleats


Depending on the venue, I almost always choose heels to wear with anything, however, with the more formal satin finished fabric used in the design of our Li pencil skirt, in order to capture a more casual look, I would opt for flats. Ankle wrap and ballet style flats are trending heavily at the moment.

Ankle wrap shoe


Pencil skirts are known to be silhouette skimming and magnificently tailored. To offset this for your daytime playtime look, try pairing Li with a slouchy or oversized black sweater. Such a sweater is commonly paired with denim jeans so why not break the mold and wear it with your pencil skirt for a casual Saturday look instead?

Oversized black sweater

Straw Bag

Of course a leather handbag is a no brainer for any look and any occasion, but I like the idea of pairing the sleek fabric of Li with something extremely tactile and textured like straw or jute.

Straw bag


Day To Night Powerhouse Pleats


Ever had a blouse with too much “blouse” to tuck in? Try a bodysuit to remedy this problem. They work wonders for streamlining a look and have made a fierce comeback from their previous glory days in the 80’s. The combination of fabric, color, and cut on this one are the perfect match for Li and a glamorous night out. Although this style is admittedly low cut, you don’t have to worry about sending the wrong message if paired with the classy hem length of Li.

Red bodysuit


Embellishments of any kind are a great way to elevate a look to night-out status. In general, they are quite popular in womenswear right now so there should be no shortage of selection in picking out the perfect piece to catch the glimmer of the nightlife. I liked this black beaded clutch as an accompaniment to Li, however, I’d say it’s timeless enough to wear again and again.

Black beaded clutch


Call me old fashioned if you must, but a dressed up look just isn’t “dressed up” without the use of high heels. With the pleated detail and bold color and print of Li, a more streamlined style is your best bet for keeping your night-out look chic and clean. With warmer weather approaching, select an open-toe style to show off that fresh pedicure, however, you could easily transform the open toed shoe into a fall friendly look, as well, with the addition of a dressy sock.

Red high heel shoe

Both of these shoe options would work with Li, but my word of caution would be this: red can come and go as a trendy shoe color. If you don’t have the budget for both, always buy the black shoe because it will remain in style for years to come…you’ll get more “bang for your buck” so to speak.

Black beaded shoe

So that’s it…my two cents on assembling a pulled together look with the powerhouse pleats of our latest pencil skirt. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Show us how you wear your Li pencil skirt from day-to-night: send us an at for a chance to be featured in our WRITTEN Woman style segment coming soon.


WRITTEN Founder & Creative Director: Emily Carlson


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