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SweatSkirts: Your Thanksgiving Must Have

Posted on November 21 2016

It’s getting to be one of my favorite times of year…besides New York Fashion Week that is…the holidays! This week I am looking forward to being with family, listening to the crackle of firewood in the fireplace, and enjoying some of my favorite dishes as part of a Thanksgiving ritual that so many of us take part in. What are my favorites you ask? Hands down, cranberry sauce and lemon meringue pie. Old school perhaps, but delicious nonetheless.

I realize, however, that although Thanksgiving has so many great things going for it, it also stresses people the F out sometimes too! Meeting in-laws for the first time, making sure the turkey is big enough so that everyone gets some (even Uncle Eddie), and cleaning those nooks and crannies that always get overlooked in the course of hectic work weeks.

No I can’t clean your house or cook your turkey, but I can tell you a secret about the only thing you need this Thanksgiving. Psssst…it’s a SweatSkirt. Never heard of it? Allow me!

The Hattie SweatSkirt

A SweatSkirt is a unique style designed by yours truly exclusively for WRITTEN Apparel. It merges the concepts of sweatpants and pencil skirts all into one. Hey if there’s such a thing as a Turducken, then it was only a matter of time before this happened too!

These skirts have all the qualities you love about your favorite sweats but with the class and chic factor of your everyday pencil skirt. The fabric is a slightly thicker knit with quilted texture that is perfect for lounging on the couch or tending to the kitchen whichever you prefer. The stretch is remarkable too so you can have that piece of pie…and eat two. The WRITTEN woman does what she wants after all.

We created two variations of the SweatSkirt for this holiday season: Hattie and Ingrid; we’ve styled them for casual, trendy, and dressy affairs. Take a peek below and tell us which is your favorite look!

The Ingrid SweatSkirt

The “Wake me up when it’s time to Black Friday shop” look.


The “Meet the in-laws” look.


The “Hang with the boyfriend and pups” look.


The “Friendsgiving” look.

Photography by Dasha Denger



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