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Summer Fabrics Your Wardrobe Needs To Stay Cool…Literally

Posted on June 07 2017

Summer weather is finally here, meaning it is time to kick back and relax for as long as possible…at least in my world. That is until duties begin calling once again. Ah c’est la vie. As a WRITTEN Woman, when opportunities to escape from your busy schedule arise and you get a moment to soak up the sun, the last thing you want to do is worry about your wardrobe being too clingy, too warm, or downright uncomfortable in the summer heat. Free yourself from that worry ladies and take note of these tips for the summer fabrics that you need in your wardrobe.


Benefits: It is known for its maximum comfort, breathability, and absorbency.

Technically Speaking: It’s a soft, fluffy natural fiber extracted from a the boll of the cotton plant. Once the fiber is extracted, it is spun and then woven into airy loops giving it breathability.

When To Wear: Cotton is the most versatile of all fabrics. It can be worn in all shapes, forms, conditions, and occasions.

Stylist Tip: Advancements in technology have allowed for cotton to be used in so many garments beyond the class t-shirt. Mix it up this summer by opting for a trendy t-shirt dress to stay comfortable and chic. 

Beth T-Shirt Dress from Anthropologie


Benefits: Chambray is a cotton fabric giving it the breathability, comfort, and absorption that is essential in the summer

Technically Speaking: Chambray is a woven cotton versus a knit cotton. The woven characteristic allows Chambray to have a higher thread count, meaning it has finer and more breathable fibers.

When To Wear: The Chambray look is perfect for casual Fridays or get togethers with friends.

Stylist Tip: Looking for the style factor of a denim jacket but don’t want to add another layer? Try substituting a lighter weight chambray button up for your trusty denim jacket. The fabric is a close lookalike and can bless you with breathability in the sticky summer heat.

Chandler Embroidered Chambray Shirt from Rails


Benefits: Rayon has very cool, comfortable, and absorbent characteristics. It can also create the texture of cotton, silk, and wool which makes it incredibly versatile. With a busy lifestyle, rayon fabrics just might be a great addition to your summer fabrics repertoire. 

Technically Speaking: Rayon was the very first manufactured fiber. However unlike most, it is not a synthetic fiber. It is a regenerated fiber made of a natural cellulose-based raw material called wood pulp.

When To Wear: Since Rayon is a manufactured fiber and can take the form of many common fibers, the versatility of Rayon is endless. Rayon is a good choice in almost any instance. It’s why more and more we are seeing rayon blends when sourcing fabrics for our own WRITTEN collection.

Stylist Tip: Although many garments won’t be made solely of the synthetic rayon fiber, it is quite easy to find rayon blends almost anywhere. Consider a versatile Rayon cardigan to keep you warm in the office A/C and cool in the sun.

Wildflower Open Front Cardigan from NIC + ZOE


Benefits: Linen fabric is the number one breathable fabric, because it was designed for the heat. This is the very best of summer fabrics to wear for maximum coolness.

Technically Speaking: This extremely cool fabric is extracted from the natural flax plant. It is the oldest fabric in use that has been keeping people cool for centuries.

When To Wear: On the those unbearable triple digit days, linen has got your back, literally.

Stylist Tip: Considering linen’s all natural characteristics, wrinkling is a huge factor in garments made from linen fabric. Next time you are running out the door and don’t have time to iron, spraying a few mists of water, followed by the smoothing of your hand, can do the trick. Set aside your wool and try a linen blazer this summer for a pulled together professional look.

Upcollar Dickey Jacket from Veronica Beard


Benefits: Blends are great at keeping their shape and requiring limited maintenance. They take the greatest properties of each fiber and join forces to give you summer fabrics that are the best of all worlds.

Technically Speaking: Summer blends include fabrics like cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon and spandex.

When To Wear: Those days with high humidity and no patience or time for ironing or hand washing.

Stylist Tip: Blended fabrics consist of all the qualities that are essential for a super cool summer. Imagine finding all of those things in your next pencil skirt? Wardrobe bucket list, check!

Naomi Cotton Blend Denim Pencil Skirt from WRITTEN Apparel


Summer Fabrics To Avoid

Now that you are one step closer to the coolest summer of your life, make sure you don’t take these missteps with your summer fabric selections.

  • Avoid grey garments at all cost. They are not forgiving to any hint of moisture a.k.a. sweat!
  • Avoid silks and nylons. Silk is also very unforgiving when it comes to moisture. And to make matters worse, both silk and nylon have static tendencies that only worsen in high humidity.

Now that you’re an expert on the summer fabrics to include in your wardrobe, take a breath of fresh air. Your clothes will do the same, ensuring your comfort from the office into the sun, which is exactly where you should be on a beautiful summer day.

What are your favorite summer fabrics to wear?


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