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Style: The Elusive Destination

Posted on May 03 2016

So many times I get requests to help someone with their style and it always leaves me feeling perplexed because I look at them and think, “You do have style, your style.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the opportunity to wardrobe someone for a special event or help them upgrade their closet, and I do so regularly, but my response to helping someone “with their style” is always the same.  Style is not a destination, meaning it isn’t a finite achievement, that once you’ve found it, you’ve discovered this elusive and far away place known as Style and that’s all there is to it. To me, the beauty about style is that it has always been unique to every individual. That style may be similar to that of someone else, or there may be common themes, but even if you were to dress two people in the exact same outfit, they would bring their own identity to the look and therefore, their own style.

This idea has been one of the underlying reasons that I grew up loving fashion so much. Fashion is a way to truly express who you are as a person and through that, your own individual style is highlighted. WRITTEN Apparel was founded on this very concept. We want to design and produce the highest quality and most beautiful pencil skirts that can serve as a catalyst to your own personal style. Dress them up for a day at the office, or wear them when you’re off duty with your favorite pair of sneakers…it makes no difference to us as long as you are comfortable and confident…there is no right or wrong! 


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