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Simplifying to be Your Best Self

Posted on July 24 2018

A couple weeks ago on July 12 was National Simplicity Day. This inspired me to do some reflecting on my life and how I can minimize hassle and maximize potential. With a bit of time to put this into practice, I wanted to share with you what I have learned. An opposing viewpoint to our previous advice on mixing in vintage patterns with modern style, it is still so important to take a step back from the details to not miss the forest for the trees. Living simply can mean so many things to each person, but today we want to show you ways of living simply that are environmentally conscious and still leave room for our inner self-expression.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. You’ve probably heard that time and time again when in primary school and all through adulthood, but that doesn’t mean it can’t remain significant to this day! Usually we associate plastics and metal cans when we hear this as well… but what about our clothes? Or even homeware? According to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary, simplicity means: “the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded;” but another interpretation really caught my attention: simplicity is “directness of expression: CLARITY.” With that said, the latter is what I want to roll with today.

A new way of living has been risen to the surface: the life of minimalism. If you haven’t seen much press on this lifestyle yet, I’ll give you a rundown of what it’s about. Living minimally is living in a way that you possess less, purchase with careful intent, appreciate each belonging in what it does for your life, and giving things away that you no longer need on a regular basis. By doing actions such as that, you save more money, are environmentally friendly, and many say that you live happier. It isn’t a science on the difference between simplicity and minimalism, but what I’m encouraging you to do today is subtly hone in on some of these values of minimalists. Don’t be afraid to look at your wardrobe and SIMPLIFY.

As fashion admirers, we can get caught up in layering, stacking, and over-purchasing. I can be the first to admit that I LOVE my clothes. In our Vintage/Modern collision post (, we encouraged you to embrace the detail – but you cannot forget the staple pieces of our wardrobe as well. In order to be as direct as possible in the expression of ourselves, simplicity can be as great a friend as exuberance. Let’s not forget to let our natural beauty shine through what we wear!

If you’re someone new to the idea of minimalism and simplicity and wonder how you could possibly add this to your busy lifestyle, here are some examples of ways that you can test it out or begin your own journey.

Make a night with your best girl friends to swap out clothes that you haven’t worn in a while, aren’t your taste anymore, or haven’t worn at all! Not only do you get to save money and the environment, but you get to spend time with your best friends.

Channel your inner child! Whether you make another girl’s night out of it or put on a community event in your town, creating a friendly competition of who can style the best outfit from second-hand clothing stores is an easy way to hang with the girls and even just challenge yourself.

Taking a day to not only catch up with your chores, but go through your home of what you do and don’t really need. A lot of people, including myself, have trouble getting rid of things that hold memories – when you have that moment, take a minute to say thank you to that item and share your appreciation out loud for the good that it has provided you with. As crazy as that may sound, it is okay to acknowledge the importance that objects have had in our lives. Say your thanks, and pass it on to someone who can use it more than you.

Good luck with your journey and happy thrifting!

Taylor Elizabeth


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