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Put On Your Sunday’s Best: The Easter Bonnet Edit

Posted on April 14 2017

As we get older, certain holidays seem to lose their importance in our lives. No more trick-or-treating for Halloween, no more May baskets on the front doorsteps, and if you don’t find yourself purchasing your own Christmas gifts nowadays you are very special. So what holidays do we adults have to look forward to? The ones that call for new clothes!

Ever since I was young, Easter was a holiday for dressing up in my finest attire; now that I’m grown there’s no reason the same can’t apply, am I right? One important piece to a proper Easter outfit I’ve always been fond of is the Easter bonnet. With the exception of the Kentucky Derby, Easter presents itself as one of the most appropriate times to wear that fancy hat you keep stored in a box in the closet. I say break out that bonnet, dust it off, and pair it with your favorite WRITTEN pencil skirt this year.

Easter Bonnet Tradition

New York and fashion seem to go hand and hand; that story doesn’t change much when it comes to Easter bonnets. Dating back to the 1870’s, New Yorkers and Easter celebrators alike have marched North of Fifth Street as a part of the famous New York Easter Parade. The ceremony celebrates new life and rebirth with pure and new clothing…and what’s a new outfit without great new accessories? Symbolizing the emergence of new life with this traditional Spring celebration, the first Easter bonnets were known for their adornment in fresh flowers.

Meet the Easter Bonnet Guys

While New York may have started the Easter Parade tradition, the Easter on Parade of Richmond, Virginia brings you some of the most unique bonnets you may not have ever thought were possible. More notably this parade brings you the “Bonnet Guys”, Donald Allen and Bryan Rowland.

Bonnet Cake; Easter Bonnet

When Allen moved to Richmond several years ago he attended his first Easter on Parade. Although he was amazed by the bonnets featured in the parade, he thought to himself, “I could do better.” Constructing hats from all things Easter, ranging from Easter eggs to Easter bunnies, Allen confesses to each hat taking weeks to produce. Notable hats in the past have even reached altitudes of three feet tall resembling that of a giant Easter cake. Who says you can’t have your cake and a bonnet too?

Looking this fashionable comes at a cost for the Bonnet Guys, however. Although they’ve been in attendance six years prior, the Bonnet Guys have yet to finish the full length of the parade as they are constantly stopped for pictures. At the end of the day, hat hair and blisters left on their forehands are just some of the “rewards” the Bonnet Guys receive for pleasing the crowd. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it; the Bonnet Guys do it for the love of Easter tradition and inspiring others to always do bigger and better. Their Easter bonnets have even been known to get them invitations to exclusive parties. Much like the WRITTEN Woman, a good party invite is never turned down.

Easter Bonnet Fashion

Spring season is all about being fun and flirty, bright and bold, and finally getting to wear open-toed shoes. The Easter bonnet is most definitely a statement piece sure to turn some heads and block others’ line of sight, but either way, Emily and I know that the WRITTEN Woman is a statement maker. Blending in may work for Easter egg dye, but not for the WRITTEN Woman’s wardrobe.

Not sure if you can pull off a full fledged Easter bonnet look? Try starting with a decorative fascinator. They have all the wow factor without all the material; with a clip style or headband, they are even windy day friendly too.

Don’t have an Easter bonnet already sitting in your closet? No problem, here are a few of our top picks to enhance your look this year.

Our Top Picks

This bonnet from Nordstrom is subtle and sweet.

Nordstrom Easter Bonnet

Nordstrom Feathered Sinamay Hat


Who knew Walmart had such great statement pieces?

Polka dot; Derby hat; Easter fashion; Easter Bonnet

Polka Dot Derby Hat by Greatlookz.


This hat from Aztexhats just screams Easter statement with all of its bright, bold colors.

Easter bonnet; Spring Fashion

Chelsea Wide Brim Summer Hat from Aztexhats.


I’ve heard about Italian suits, but these Italian hats from Anna Rizzo are just as great.

Donna; Easter Bonnet; Easter Fashion

Donna Cerimonia from Anna Rizzo.


Precision and structure are second to none with this bonnet from Ariane Millinery.

Ariane Easter Bonnet

Hat from Anna Rizzo found on Ariane Millinery.


If you’re more of a DIY WRITTEN Woman, here are some great ideas on how to create your perfect custom Easter bonnet. #TellYourStory

Happy Easter, WRITTEN Women!

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