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Online Shopping Tips and Tricks

Posted on July 10 2018

Shopping online can be overwhelming so make sure to check out these tips and tricks to get the most bang for your buck.


Add whatever items you’re interested in to your cart and return to the site within a couple days. Some online vendors will email you a discount promo code within 24-48 hours to prompt you to finish your purchase. This is also a good time to reflect on your cart full of items, if you’re still thinking about that skirt a couple days later, buy it!

Side note: Make sure the vendor has your email and contact info to receive that coupon notification.


 I can’t stress how important it is to always look at customer reviews. In addition, check what people had to say if they rated the item one star, what problem did they have with the item? Was it ill fitting? The colour? Damaged when shipped? You can’t be too careful when shopping online.

Side note: After purchasing items online keep an eye out for an email asking how you enjoyed your purchase. Some stores will give you reward points to use on future purchase if you jot down a valid review.


 When shopping online I always ensure that the vendor has free return shipping. Unless you know your true size within that store, it’s always better to be safer than sorry. Furthermore, when reviewing the return policy, pay attention to the length of time you have till your items need to be returned to qualify for free shipping.


Always look at the pictures! Whether zooming in on the item the model is wearing to get a better understanding of the material or checking out how the item fits other customers, it’s all important. Pictures that the vendor displays are staged, meaning the item has been pinned and ironed to perfection, not like real life at all. To gain a better understanding of how easily the item wrinkles or fits check up on customers personal testimonies.

Follow these tips and happy shopping!

Abby Costache 



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  • Jackie: July 24, 2018

    Love all these tips! So helpful! I’ll definitely need to bookmark this post so I can refer to it later when I’m shopping. Thanks!

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