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Meet Blanche

Posted on September 08 2016

This week, in answering the question we hear all the time: “What’s the story behind the pencil skirt style names in your collection?” we share the story of our third and final skirt in the WRITTEN Debut Collection, Blanche. WRITTEN Apparel is built on the premise that every woman has a story to tell and we create the clothing that allows her to look and feel good while doing it. Read on to learn more about Blanche, the textured and timeless pencil skirt from the Debut Collection.


Blanche was designed for the WRITTEN woman who is tired of the same old boring black pencil skirt. Texture, contrast, and a taste of the unexpected were all integrated into this design to make it anything but ordinary. The concept for the design and the wearer was developed around one badass woman, Blanche Scott, who wasn’t afraid to pave her own path even if inherent risks were involved.

Blanche Scott was a woman who had many firsts associated with her name. She was the first woman to drive an automobile coast to coast; on that journey she saw her first airplane flight and decided she wanted to learn to fly. Adding to her resume, she then became the first woman to fly a solo flight, later flying for several exhibition teams pulling off death defying stunts. In addition, she became known as the first woman to travel by jet.

It goes much without saying why a pencil skirt in Blanche’s honor is a perfect match for the WRITTEN woman. The WRITTEN woman isn’t afraid to soar to great heights and even fly solo if that’s what it takes. She doesn’t flinch at the idea of risk, recognizing that it is often involved in achieving greatness; she’s traveled lonely roads at times while paving new paths; ultimately she relies on her strength and perseverance to make her mark in the world…along with an amazing pencil skirt. One might say she has the perfect balance of altitude and attitude.

Blanche: A death defying combination of comfort, texture, innovation, and timelessness.



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