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Meet Astrid

Posted on September 01 2016

Last week we began to share our stories that answered the question we heard all the time of: “What’s the story behind the pencil skirt style names in your collection?” WRITTEN Apparel is built on the premise that every woman has a story to tell and we create the clothing that allows her to look good and feel good while doing it. Here’s an introduction to Astrid, the playfully cool and comfortable pencil skirt from the Debut Collection.

Astrid was created to pay homage to my heritage; having a strong lineage to Swedish ancestors, I felt the need to tie my own story into a design for the Debut Collection. The name Astrid has long been tied to Scandinavian culture with meaning originating from the phrase “beautiful as a goddess” which of course made me think of the WRITTEN woman. Most notably, Astrid Lindgren and Astrid Kirchherr served as inspirational women behind the concept of the namesake pencil skirt style.


Astrid Lindgren was a Swedish writer of fiction, most known for her series of books involving Pippi Longstocking. I remembered reading these stories and even the song from a television show based on the character. Unconventional, playful, and unpredictable were themes from these stories and they carried over into my design of Astrid. I loved the comfort in the t-shirt like fabric we sourced and see the WRITTEN woman wearing Astrid as weekend attire while perusing a local farmer’s market or lounging at her favorite bookstore…hardly the conventional places we are used to seeing pencil skirts appear.

Additional inspiration came from Astrid Kirchherr, most well known for her association and photography of the European rock band, The Beatles.
With this in mind I thought it only made sense to search for a retro inspired print like the floral we used with our Astrid skirt. The sheer patches throughout the skirt are not only bold but befitting to be in the company of rock stars and red carpets alike, much like the WRITTEN woman.

Astrid: A divine combination of comfort, beauty, strength, and playfulness.



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