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How To Style Sneakers: Kick Off Those Heels

Posted on July 28 2017

We feel very passionate about two things, the power of a pencil skirt and wearing sneakers with our favorite “dress up” clothes. The pencil skirt is amazing in and out of the professional office, but so often the pencil skirt is put to the side because many associate the garment with being paired with heels. We want you to kick off those heels, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style. We will show you exactly how to style sneakers with you classic pencil skirt. The WRITTEN Woman deserves to be comfortable and look great at the same time, oh yes it is possible!

To help you paint this image in your head, I have paired our most popular WRITTEN Apparel pencil skirts with some of our favorite sneakers available in the market today.

How to style sneakers with the Embroidered Patch Pencil Skirt:

Around the WRITTEN Apparel office, there is always at least one of us in our Adidas Superstars and a pencil skirt. The combination is just so simple, yet looks stylish. I paired the Superstars with the Embroidered Patch skirt, because they both have a little bit of a monochromatic and edgy feel.

How to style sneakers with the Cleo Sequin Pencil Skirt:

Who says that sequins and sneakers can’t go together? Certainly not us, in fact we encourage it! Even better yet, these two items are a great way to incorporate hints of the color of the year, Pantone Greenery. These Puma sneakers keep a level of elegance because of the bow while throwing a plot twist to your ensemble. It is up to you to choose whether to dress this look up or down based off of your top. Either will look great!


How to style sneakers with the Li Pleated Pencil Skirt:

Every so often we need to spice up our wardrobe with some red. The addition of a red Steve Madden sneaker with the Li Pleated Pencil Skirt, makes a bold statement. This outfit gives off a ton of sassy vibes even though it is dressed down.

How to style sneakers with the Naomi Denim Pencil Skirt:

The new Basket Heart Denim Puma sneakers may just be my favorite sneakers ever invented. These ones in particular are on the top of my wish list because they are effortlessly cute, comfy, and unique. Paired with the Naomi Denim Skirt, there is no telling what a girl could accomplish in this ensemble. As the saying goes, when you look great you will feel great too. This pairing will definitely accomplish that for you.

How to style sneakers with the Mae Floral Pencil Skirt:

Speaking of comfort, this is the ultimate on-the-go pairing. The Mae skirt is ultra stretchy, giving you the mobility you need for a busy day, and the slip on sneakers are simple and cute. Every WRITTEN Woman needs a touch of blush in their closet.

How to style sneakers with the Flora Faux Suede Pencil Skirt:

Keep it casual with the Flora Pencil Skirt and Adidas Sneakers. The two items complement each other through their bow detailing and their contrasting textures. This ensemble is yet another great example on how to look chic while running all of your daily errands.

How to style sneakers with the Blanche Textured Black Pencil Skirt:

The classic Blanche Pencil Skirt is the new “Little Black Dress,” but better. This skirt has the versatility to suit the mood of your day. Dress it up or down based off of your top and footwear. If you are feeling bold, these Floral Nikes are exactly the pairing you need to rock your day.

Start your day off right by kicking off your heels, because there are so many unique sneakers to choose from. With the versatility of both the pencil skirt and sneakers, it is almost like they were a match made in heaven. The possible combinations of the two are endless. WRITTEN Women, we encourage you to try this pairing out for yourself. We promise you will get more use out of your classic pencil skirt than ever before. Enjoy comfort and style of this versatile combo, on us!

Share your own how to style sneakers with a WRITTEN pencil skirt with us!

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