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Get Your Life Together With Closet Organization

Posted on August 18 2017

Are you tired of having an unorganized closet? Do you get frustrated trying to pick out your clothes in the morning? Well than it is time to revamp your tired old closet for the closet of your dreams, no matter its dimensions. So often we brush organizing our closets off to the side because it is not something usually seen by anyone but us. Not making closet organization a priority could be the cause of your morning stress.

With a hectic lifestyle of a WRITTEN Woman, unnecessary stress is the last thing we want. The solution is simple, there is a large variety of closet organization and storage options out on the market.

Not sure where to start? Here are just a few closet organization and storage options to kick start your closet transformation.


You would never know the difference that just having matching hangers can make to your closet. The change is so simple, yet so often overlooked. These Joy Huggable Hangers from Target are fuzzy to keep clothing from slipping off. They are also white to keep your closet looking clean and bright.

Combination Hangers

The varieties of combination hangers available are endless. You can find ones for scarfs, pants, shoes, accessories, and tops. However, this hanger in specific is made for skirts, pencil skirts in our case. Every WRITTEN Woman needs this chrome black hanger to properly hang their WRITTEN pencil skirts.

Shoe Racks

Every shoe lover needs some solid shoe racks for their collection. These wooden racks from Overstock can be stacked or put side by side, to accommodate all your organizational needs.


Bag Organizers

In my opinion, handbags are the hardest thing to keep organized. Mine either end up in a pile in the corner of my closet, making it extremely difficult to find what I’m looking for. Well, Target has a solution. This purse organizer has slots to put all your bags in making them easy to find. Not to mention it will fit perfectly on the side of your closet or on the top rack.

Baskets, Bins, and Containers

Extra storage is always essential to keep your space organized. These clear containers are modern and chic but efficient because you can see which box you need to grab before looking in it.

Clothing Racks

Need just more room all together? Get yourself a modern clothing rack. Clothing racks are now being used as common home decor, featuring your favorite pieces to display. This creates extra space for your clothes, shoes, and accessories, while looking elegant in your home.

Closet Systems

Still itching for more ways to be organized? Wayfair has closet systems that you can put into your closet for a totally new look. You can shop for your closet dimensions and organization options that will best suit you.

And Viola! You have a brand new closet and way of getting ready in the morning. What organization options have you found helpful in your closet?


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