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Get This Effortless Fresh Faced Look From The Runways

Posted on April 17 2017

When you wake up in the morning, one of the last things you want to worry about is doing your makeup. We know you had a long day yesterday and you’re waking up at the crack of dawn preparing for yet another one. Just another day in the life of the phenomenal WRITTEN Woman that you are, we get it! There’ll be plenty of time to rest once you’re at the top, but while you’re still climbing to get there, you’ve got to look the part…fresh faced and all.

How To Achieve A Runway Worthy Fresh Faced Look

Who said looking presentable and doing your makeup had to take over your entire morning, however? Thanks to our friend and makeup artist, Tegan Tabaka…who has worked behind the scenes as a makeup artist for countless shows at New York Fashion Week, you can learn how to do your makeup and hit the door in just under three minutes! Check out this short video, where she shows you her professional tips to achieving an effortless fresh faced look.

WRITTEN Apparel: Look Good, Feel Good Series. Achieving A Fresh Faced Look from Written Apparel on Vimeo.

Video produced by Daniel Dorman and Blue Sky Productions.

Get The Pro Essentials

Step #1: Apply Moisturizer; this light creme moisturizer will keep your face fresh from sun up to sun down.


Step #2: Apply Base; Tegan prefers a tinted moisturizer. By using the #9 Aveda Brush (shown in our Bonus Tip below) for application, the brush allows you to cover more surface area more efficiently.


Step #3: Set With Translucent Powder; when you’re on the run, your makeup doesn’t have to be by using this translucent powder to hold your look in place.


Step #4: Apply Blush; brighten those cheekbones with Aveda’s beautiful face accent pallets…available in several other color pallets as well.


Bonus Tip: Fill In Brows; finally, give those brows a quick pick-me-up with Aveda’s #7 brow brush (far right).

That was quick and painless wasn’t it? Now think of all the extra things you can get done in a day by saving yourself a few valuable minutes this morning. What is part of your morning routine? Share with us below.

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