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Fashion Faux Pas to Break

Posted on July 17 2018

Fashion is about having fun with your style and expressing it creatively through your clothing. So why the need for fashion rules and don’ts? I say put away the magnifying glass, the yellow police barricade tape, and break all these fashion rules listed below, because no one likes a stickler.


1. Stripes on Stripes or Pattern on Pattern.

Nothing says 'cool girl' like mixing patterns and prints. Whether mixing horizontal and vertical stripes, polka dots, or a floral print, have fun with it. Who said you can’t mix them together?

Rule of thumb: Don’t mix two large or two small patterns together. Either small on top or a large print on the bottom, vice versa.

2. Monochromatic is the Way to Go.

You already know this to be true, but dressing in one single color can be a power move, making you feel confident and put together. You’ve experienced this in the winter, dressing in head-to-toe black. Although this summer I dare you to break out of your shell and wear head-to-toe white or a fun, fresh summer color like pink or green. Just prove them wrong, go ahead and wear that ‘wowfit’ (white outfit) after labor day.

3. Say Yes to Orange!

“Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.” Hate to break it to you Elle Woods but orange is here to stay and so is its counterpart, yellow. True, these colors may not advantage every skin tone but if you love the color, shade, print, or fit, try it. With the right cut and style you will not end up looking like Big Bird or a traffic cone. You may just surprise yourself.


4. Colorblock Queen- Unflattering Color Mixes?

I’d like to have a word with whoever said black and navy don’t go together. From runways to the streets, they do nothing but compliment each other. Contrary to popular belief, contrasting colors can pull a boring outfit together and will for sure make you stand out of the crowd. Try color combinations such as; bubble gum pink with tangerine orange, canary yellow with chocolate brown, and eggplant purple with emerald green.

Mix all the colors and prints. Most importantly, have fun!

Abby Costache


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