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Embroidered Patches…The New Tattoos?

Posted on April 28 2017

Being fashionable can come at a great price sometimes, literally and figuratively, but that’s why we love it right? Fashion can be an escape, an obsession, or in the case of the WRITTEN Woman, an extension of her fabulous personality and a way to tell the story unique to her without having to speak a word. 

At WRITTEN we certainly don’t claim to be the only womenswear brand that provides designs that share this sentiment, however, we do feel like we have a better understanding of what that means. To be honest, there are plenty of ways to express yourself even beyond clothing. Tattoos, for example, became wildly popular amongst the masses in the past decade for this exact reason. I’ve seen them used as a way to track milestones, remember loved ones, motivate, or just adorn oneself. I started seeing tattoos on people I would never have imagined as “the tattoo type”, I saw people covering up old tattoos with new tattoos, and I saw tattoos that simply left me perplexed. The tattoo was a storyteller and differentiator.

Tattoos Woman

Despite all of this, tattoos aren’t for everyone. There is a certain permanence that frightens some, a fear of needles that deters others, and a budget that not everyone has (let’s be honest, a tattoo is not the time for bargain shopping). With that, I’ve come across a compromise that is not only adaptable, it’s fashionable and right on trend. Embroidered patches are the new tattoos.

Tell Your Story With Patches

Embroidered patches have been a part of the fashion industry for quite some time. Initially, however, patches were used for more practical reasons such as covering holes in clothing or labeling for military uniforms. It is even said that back in the Ancient China era, patches were used to denote rank and royalty.

Patches have been a sign of the times too. From the rise of biker culture in the ’60s to the pop culture era of the ‘90s, each decade used patches as an extension of its personality. Today, patches continue to be a valuable accessory for those who prefer to express themselves in a creative manner. With a resurgence of political volatility and polarizing content in this day and age, it’s no wonder that patches are having a moment. With technology and phenomenal graphic artistry, pet brands to luxury brands we see on the runways are designing their version of the newest badge of individuality. 

When WRITTEN Creative Director, Emily, first revealed her plans to roll out WRITTEN Apparel embroidered patches, I thought it was brilliant. Patches can be used to aid in creating a unique and truly one-of-a-kind piece of clothing to set yourself apart from the crowd and tell your story without having to speak a word. Not only that, but you don’t have to have a seamstress handy to create your custom wardrobe. With iron-on backing or even safety pins being used to affix patches to everything from denim to handbags it’s fast and easy to create your own personal statement piece in a matter of minutes. Seems fitting to add these statement accessories to the WRITTEN Woman’s wardrobe if you ask me.

Patch Perfection

Here’s a few of my favorite picks for patch perfection in style.

Gwen Stefani Patches

Gwen Stefani has never been afraid to make a statement and this look in patched denim from Dsquared2 is no different.


Gigi Hadid Patch Sneakers

Fashion model Gigi Hadid teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger to show that patches have no limit as to how they can be used. From denim jackets to shoes and purses, these statement accessories help transform any piece of attire you have.

Rihanna Patch Leather Jacket

If style icon and jet setter Rihanna is sporting patches, why not our very own WRITTEN Woman?

 Style It The WRITTEN Woman Way

Emily has taken this trend and made it her own per usual.  If patches are to be found on everything…than it’s only fitting to add the pencil skirt to that list. Now you can style your favorite pencil skirt with WRITTEN embroidered patches for a cool girl look with a boss mentality! 

WRITTEN Apparel Patch Collection

Limited Edition WRITTEN Embroidered Patch Collection. Shop individual pieces or save with the entire collection and make your wardrobe your own.


Don’t have time to DIY? No problem, Emily is one step ahead of you and has created a Limited Edition WRITTEN Patched Pencil Skirt for Pre-Order Now.

WRITTEN Patch Pencil Skirt

Limited Edition WRITTEN Patch Pencil Skirt. Pre-Order now available.




Tell us your story on how you like to wear your patches by sharing below!

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