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Completing a Day on the Runway: The Power of Getting Ready

Posted on August 07 2018

Have you ever wondered about the psychology behind how dressing your best makes your day so much better? With a call for introspection, you might realize that wearing what makes you feel best encourages confidence to illuminate from your spirit.



Waking up to a dim, yet glowing room with rain washing the streets and cars dragging puddles by, I rolled out of bed with a feeling of grogginess and desire to crawl back into the comfort of my sheets. As the rain called for, I knew the only thing that would get me moving is a cool shower. With enough energy to make a coffee and sit at my vanity, I move to makeup. After applying each product on to my bare face, I slowly wake up more and more. Feeling content with cat eyes and bold lips, I move to my closet. To the corner of my eye, I already see my staple outfit that makes me feel my best. With a decision to take on the day like a boss, I recall the quote “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” On this day, I encompass a new version as I dress for the DAY that I want, not the day that I have.

            I don’t know about you, but on days that I dress my absolute best I feel amazing throughout that whole day. Because I chose to wear my favorite pieces that I know flatter me the most, I had no doubt that I looked good. When we wear clothes that we not only love and adore but flatter us well, we feel our optimal selves. If I wear something that I know is not my style or doesn’t portray my spirit in any way, I feel out of place and uncomfortable. That is exactly why wearing what you love will do the complete opposite – if you feel comfortable and unique in the way that YOU want, you will feel your best.


            Now dressing my best could mean so many different things. You don’t always have to be wearing your highest of heels and most expensive of dresses to feel like you are working your personality through your clothes. Sometimes (actually, a lot of the time) when I wear my grey Adidas and jeans with a tucked in tee, I not only feel comfortable physically but it represents how I feel that day or how I want to portray how I am feeling.

            There is a psychological explanation to this “phenomena,” if you may, that goes further than feeling comfortable. Morning routines are vital in starting a day right. Stretching, exercising, eating plenty of fruit, drinking plenty of water… You’ve heard it all before. With tips similar to these on fueling your body, you don’t hear much on how to wake up your mind! Meditation and reading are options on exercising your brain before a busy day, but wearing something that illustrates your inner self is a constant reminder that you are uniquely yourself and worked hard to even take on this very day. Immediately starting the day with a positive look to yourself will make every other obstacle you face through the day significantly easier to handle. When you have regard to how you look to others or if your feet hurt or your belt is too tight, that reflects in how you present yourself. Not only in a snarled face, but your attitude can change much more rapidly.

            Attitude is absolutely one of the most important qualities to be reflecting on throughout the day. Feeling confident, comfortable, and empowered will bring nothing short of a #GirlBoss attitude. Ladies, we work hard to get through every day and every year to reach the goals we have set out for ourselves. We not only deserve to feel and look our best, but we deserve to achieve. Wear what makes you, you. Who cares if you’re just going to shop? Or if you’re grabbing breakfast with some friends? Dress the way that makes you shine, outside AND in. Dress for the day you WANT, not for the day that you have.



Taylor Elizabeth



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