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Butt Workouts To Know That Will Round Your Assets

Posted on June 21 2017

Over the last two years, exercise classes have been booming in popularity, activewear is everywhere you turn and eating organically and healthy is a new society “must”. This lifestyle all seems wonderful until you pair it with reality…we are busy. Where is there time in our schedules to hit the weights, get our cardio in, find our inner zen, cook three square meals, AND get everything crossed off our to-do list? Walking in our heels all day is in fact, a great calf workout, but sometimes that just isn’t enough.

So with limited time, what should we be focusing on in our workouts? Of course a natural go-to is abs, abs, abs. We always want that tight and toned tummy am I right? Well, ladies, I have good news for you, if you are as tired of back-breaking crunches as I am, forget about your abs because curves are in. That’s right, it is no longer the trend to be rail thin and scrawny. Strong is the new beautiful.

With that, one particular body part that we’ve notice particular emphasis on these days is your rear, therefore, we are self-proclaiming 2017 as the Year of the Rear…hello butt workouts! It just so happens that pencil skirts are great at flattering this particular part, as well. Yay, us!

Looking to round out your assets (if you know what I’m saying)? Here are a few simple tips to achieving the behind you want…in a timely manner, of course. Whether you prefer at home exercise or group classes, this is the inside scoop on the butt workouts you’ll want to know.

At-Home Butt Workouts

While waiting for dinner to come out of the oven, you are cramming to perfect tomorrow’s presentation. Try a couple of these at home exercises to get your blood flowing, and work your body after a long day.

If you prefer working out at home, say goodbye to your uncomfortable crunches, planks, and leg raises. It is time for us women to embrace our curves and let them shine. Thank you 2017 for hearing our prayers and wishes. We will work hard for you!

Here are some at home butt workout ideas to round your assets:

Dumbbell Side Lunges  Have a couple of small weights at home? If not, no problem, as WRITTEN Women, we know how to McGiver some $h*t! Create makeshift weights by filling up an empty milk gallon container with sand or rocks. Have a pair of long socks? Fill them up with dried beans or pebbles and tie a rubber band to secure it as ankle weights. Try a couple of side lunges going left and right with your knee parallel to the ground. This is working your rear, hamstrings, and quads.

30 Day Squat Challenge  While doing wall squats and other squat challenges have become very popular, this 30-day challenge has you rotating between 5 different squats to work your entire body. You’ll rotate between narrow squats, regular squats, squats with kicks, leg lifting squats, sumo squats and more.

Check out this program thanks to PopSugar Fitness.

30-Day Squat Challenge from PopSugar Fitness

Hip Raises  While listening to your favorite podcast that inspires you day to day, try some hip raises. There are several ways you can do hip raises:

  • Lay on your carpet with both feet on the floor and raise your hips into the air. Try this in sets of 5
  • Then you can try crossing your left leg over your right and doing hip raises and vice versa.
  • Lift one leg straight in the air and continue your hip raises then alternate to the next leg
  • Have a yoga ball? Lay both your feet on the athletic ball and work on your balance as you are doing hip raises up and down

Brazilian Workout  If you are interested in getting the “Rear of the Year” this at-home butt workout will be perfect for you. Find a comfy place on your floor, get down on your hands and knees and rotate your leg in an upward circular position. This will get your buns working.

Gym Butt Workouts

Meegan Hofmeister of participating in a cycling/spinning class

If you are like me, I have tried at-home workouts and usually get distracted by work and other priorities. I like to be in a group setting so people are constantly pushing me to take my body to its next limit. Sound anything like you?

Gyms all around the country have fabulous group workouts that focus on particular parts of your body to get you moving, working hard, and feeling even better. Yes, you can round your assets in the gym…and if you are in a time crunch find a one hour class that gets you in and out in a jiffy.

Swerve Gym in New York is the first indoor cycling class to break out into teams. The teams compete against each other for the highest overall energy output. This pushes the classmates to work together but individually strive as well. 


Group Cycling class in Swerve Gym located in NYC

The best fitness class you could take to get your “dream” rear is cycling or spinning. The pedaling and climbing action targets your hamstrings, calves, and glutes, while the power you put behind biking is, in other words, pumping your rump. Yes, we may be biased, but curves from your cycle class will do wonders in our pencil skirt. Cycling classes are fun and a great way to exercise because the music is blaring, you will feel amped up and empowered, as well feel progress as sweat falls down your face.

Other good classes that serve up a great butt workout include classes like Barre or Zumba. These classes not only help with flexibility but will build leg muscle and tighten your glutes from practiced dance positions.


Barre and Cardio Fusion Dance Classes

Swimming, aqua aerobics, yoga and hot yoga are just a few classes that can help you reach your goal of “Rear of the Year” and yes, these all count for your butt workouts.

I know that working out can be a pain, difficult to plan around, and sometimes it is just hard to find the motivation, period. But, if your schedule doesn’t allow it, make 10 minutes at home to squeeze in some squats and lunges. There are so many at home workout DVDs and hundreds of butt workouts you can find on Pinterest to round your assets.

If you want the 2017 “Rear of the Year” give time to yourself to feel great and work towards a goal. It can be hard, but you are determined.

What are your favorite gym classes or at home butt workouts?

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