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An Avocado Walked Into A Bar…No Really

Posted on April 24 2017

Whether it’s my local Mexican cuisine restaurant or Chipotle, I am always craving chips and guacamole. I mean it, always! However, I never knew that this desired snack of mine could actually be good for me. As it turns out, the main ingredient, avocados, are actually storming the superfood market. What’s the reason? I’m not entirely sure exactly, but you know I had to find out!

Avocado Popularity

With avocados becoming increasingly popular as a go-to meal ingredient with bloggers and social media influencers, I’ve never seen them reach such heights of food fame. In fact, avocados are so popular, they’ve even claimed their own spot in the Super Bowl…one of the highest watched television events. Not on the field, but by way of one of those over priced ad spots. If you were one of the 100+ million viewers throughout the duration of Super Bowl LI you may have seen an advertisement by Avocados From Mexico. Remember that?

An Avocado What?

In light of the avocado craze, a new “bar” has decided to capitalize on the market; it comes as no surprise that this bar can be found in New York. That’s right, the state known for leading the way in fashion is now also known for taking over the world of avocados and bringing you the world’s first avocado bar…Avocaderia.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Avocaderia’s menu is comprised of toast, salads, and smoothies all with avocados from the Mexican state of Michoacán as their main ingredient. Co-owner Francesco Brachetti teamed with cousin and chef, Alberto Gramini, and friend, Alessandro Biggi, held Avocaderia’s grand opening just a few weeks ago. Opening at 11am, the owners of Avocaderia had 200 ripe avocados ready to show customers all the amazing dishes one can produce with the superfood. Customers took it as a challenge; just three hours after opening their doors, the bar had completely run out of its main ingredient. Talk about supply and demand.

Avocaderia; Avocados

Owners of Avocaderia (from left to right): Gramini, Biggi, Brachetti.


So why did the owners of Avocaderia set out to open the first avocado bar? Contrary to my belief, it wasn’t due to the Super Bowl. Brachetti, a native of Florence, Italy admits to falling in love with avocados while residing in Mexico. Not having avocados in Italy, Brachetti was hooked by their great taste. Add the fact that they are also extremely beneficial to your health and you’ve got yourself a no brainer.

Avocado’s Health Benefits

We could go on and on about the health benefits of avocados, but I know you, as a WRITTEN Woman, have a very small amount of free time. To keep it short, I’ve listed  five important health benefits from the consumption of avocados that you should know. For more amazing health benefits avocados provide, consider reading this article by

  1. Skin Benefits: Avocados have omega-9 fats. These fats are known to assist in reducing skin redness and irritation and are involved in repairing damaged skin cells. 
  2. Cancer Prevention: Avocados contain important antioxidants such as alpha-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin that are linked to fighting off cancerous cells. I’m starting to believe green is my favorite color for a good reason!
  3. Helping Pregnant Women: With a high concentration of folate (folic acid)…one of our B vitamin friends, avocados can help prevent birth defects like spina bifida.
  4. Weight Loss: A food high in calories and fat is recommended for weight loss; how can that be? Turns out the fats included in avocados allow you to fill more full quicker resulting in reduced hunger and appetite.
  5. Blood Pressure: You may want to think twice about eating that yellow piece of fruit before an avocado. Avocados are actually more rich in potassium than bananas which is good for normal blood pressure and a lower risk of kidney failure and heart disease.

Whether you reside in New York or you’re just in town for New York Fashion Week, you may want to plan a trip across the bridge over to Brooklyn to visit Avocaderia, however, if you’re on a budget, like the young college student I am, you can give avocados a try in the comfort of your own home.

Get Your Avocado Fix

As it turns out, avocados are actually good for more than just guacamole. Here’s a few of my new favorite avocado recipes for any meal.

Breakfast: Avocado Egg Toast – Start the most important meal of the day the avocado way!

Lunch: Grilled Salmon Burgers – Skip the lines at Five Guys, this seafood burger sounds much better.

Dinner: Baked Chicken With Avocado Peach Relish – Put down that fried chicken and try this recipe for dinner next time.

Dessert: Avocado, Banana, and Walnut Muffins  These may not be how Grandma used to make them, but they’re damn good!

Cocktail: Avocado Margarita  Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner, serve up this avocado infused version of a margarita this year as a specialty drink.

Don’t see your favorite avocado recipe? Share yours with us below!

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