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8 Wardrobe Classics Your Capsule Collection Needs

Posted on June 14 2017

It’s no secret that fast fashion and disposable fashion are the new kids on the block and have been sweeping the fashion world for the past several seasons. The problem with this you might ask? It is virtually impossible to keep up with; by the time we get the new trend in our closet, it is almost out of style.

What happened to buying timeless classics that are staples for our wardrobes? As busy WRITTEN Women, there isn’t time for endless amounts of shopping and chasing trends. We have more important things to devote our time to. We want clothing that will have our back season to season and would much rather invest in quality clothing, over quantity.

What’s my solution for this? Versatility. It’s the reason that designers are coming up with capsule collections and why fashionable women everywhere are turning to this mindset when shopping. WRITTEN Women, I am here to tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for your closet and mine. By building your own capsule collection, chalk full of timeless pieces, your wardrobe is on track to never go out of style. 

Busy mornings and hectic schedules don’t complement a closet full of trendy fast fashion. Mix and match separates are far easier to throw together at a moment’s notice and can reproduce several different looks in the time it takes to grab your cup of morning coffee. Best of all, tried and true wardrobe classics that make up your capsule collection, have far more longevity in your style DNA, therefore, the next time a new trend rolls around, they won’t leave you for the next best thing.

Starting your own personal capsule collection? Here are the 8 wardrobe classics you’ll need:


Pencil skirt – Now we may be slightly biased, but come on, you know it’s true. The pencil skirt was created as a staple piece for women decades ago and here we are today still loving on it. Proven to be a versatile piece and flattering on many body shapes, if you don’t have a pencil skirt in your closet, it’s time you did. Benefits of the pencil skirt:

It’s a classic. It’s been around for decades and it isn’t going anywhere.

It’s versatile. You can transition from work to your social life seamlessly.

It’s flattering. The pencil skirt hugs your curves in all the right places but still leaves enough to the imagination to lend itself to a professional setting too.


Blazer – A blazer isn’t just for the professional woman in an attorney or finance role any longer.  A well-made and finely tailored blazer pulls any look together whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or a pencil skirt and blouse. Benefits of a blazer:

It’s flattering. A well fitting blazer streamlines any look by adding crisp clean lines. 

It’s powerful. Whether you’re headed into the boardroom or headed out for cocktails, a blazer adds an element of credibility or structure. 

It’s reliable. Leave your blazer hanging in your car or in your office for those days an unexpected meeting appears on your schedule. 


Denim – Invest in a couple pairs of premium denim. Don’t be alarmed by the sticker price, a good pair of jeans is well worth the investment. Some of our favorite brands include: Current Elliott, Paige, and Frame. You’ll get the most mileage out of a pair of solid dark wash (without any whiskering or fading detail), but don’t hesitate to add in a medium wash too. Benefits of denim:

It’s comfortable. Great for travel or a day working from your home office.

It’s versatile. Denim is being used in more than just blue jeans these days, but can easily be your “casual Friday” go-to, as well.

It’s easy. Denim is easy to wash and maintain and will last for years. 


Jean Jacket – Did you know jean jackets have been around since Levi Strauss created the first one in the 1800’s? It’s been a mega hit every since with celebrities such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe giving it wardrobe staple status. Benefits of a jean jacket:

It’s portable. A jean jacket is easy to stuff in your handbag, tie around your waist, or drape over your shoulders for unpredictable temps. 

It’s cool. With so many varieties, you can select one that best matches your style. Bonus points for wear and tear.

It’s versatile. It’s great at bringing a dressy outfit down a notch for a more casual outing, but still looks great with sneakers or stilettos.

Little Black Dress  Of course a capsule collection isn’t complete without a LBD…I’m sure this was a no brainer for most. It’s literally the most fool proof wardrobe option you could wear for any event…weddings, funerals, first dates, you name it. Benefits of the Little Black Dress:

It’s slimming. Everyone knows that black is always slimming and chic; the LBD is no exception.

It’s quick. Throw it on, accessorize if you choose, and step into some shoes and you’re out the door.


Sneakers – Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a self-proclaimed sneaker head, having a pair of athletic inspired shoes in your wardrobe is a must. From Keds to Adidas, find a pair that fits your needs and grab them. Aside from the functional practicality of a sneaker, we are now seeing them paired with dressier wardrobe classics, as well. Benefits of sneakers:

They’re practical. There’s nothing more to say about that.

They’re comfortable. They serve as a wonderful alternative to heels or even flats. 

They’re versatile. Sneakers can be paired with all of your other capsule collection essentials to create a variety of different looks.


T-shirts – An assortment of finely knit neutral t-shirts will go a long way. Start with gray, white, and black and build from there based on your needs. Always make sure to bleach your whites so they stay crisp and fresh looking. Benefits of t-shirts:

They’re a great base layer. T-shirts can be layered with cardigans, blazers, denim jackets and sweaters for endless wardrobe possibilities. 

They’re comfortable. Nothing is more comfortable than a soft triblend t-shirt. It’s worth spending a little extra for high-quality t-shirts to avoid having to replace frequently due to pilling.

They’re versatile. T-shirts take on the look of the accessories you pair with them. Jewelry, shoes, and bags can all create a dressy or casual look depending on what you’re going for.


Stilettos  Ever wished you were a little taller? Stilettos do the trick and paired with confidence can say “look out” when walking into a room. Choose the heel height that works for you, but always invest in a pair with a skinny heel. They never go out of style. Benefits of stilettos:

They’re all you need. By investing in a pair of black and nude stilettos, you can pair either with virtually any outfit color combination.

They’re versatile. Pair them with denim and a blazer or your Little Black Dress, either is a match made in heaven. 


It is time to put your money towards these staple pieces that can easily take you from look to look. Trends are fun while they last, but these classics can start a solid foundation in your closet creating a  lifetime of versatility. 

What are the wardrobe classics that make up your capsule collection?


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