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7 Empowering Reasons You Should Invest In Beautiful Lingerie

Posted on August 07 2017

If you’re a woman who tends to save your best beautiful lingerie for special occasions or solely for your partner – you’re missing out on feeling FABULOUS every other day of your life!

It doesn’t matter if nobody else sees it because you will know it’s there. That alone has the power to completely transform how you feel about yourself and your body.

WRITTEN Women, if you can’t remember the last time you splurged on a pretty matching set, a silk robe or a lace nightdress, it’s time to invest in beautiful lingerie and try something new.

Top reasons why you should always invest in beautiful lingerie for yourself (and wear it).

It’s a great confidence booster

invest in beautiful lingerie

This Lace and Mesh Plunge Teddy is from Victoria’s Secret.

We all have those days when we wake up feeling a little insecure or even nervous about what lies ahead.

Step into a gorgeous set of lingerie and you’ll instantly feel put together and self-assured, which will translate in your whole mood and the way you carry yourself.

Good quality lingerie will make your clothes look better

Good underwear is meant to be the foundation of anything you wear on top. It will help all of your outer clothes to hang better, enhance your natural figure and ensure you always look your very best.

And what woman doesn’t want that?

You’ll feel like a powerful GODDESS


invest in beautiful lingerie

This is the Petit Macrame Slip from La Perla.


Whether you’re working from home in your sweats or leading a meeting in the boardroom in your favorite blazer, wearing some lovely lingerie underneath will unleash the Goddess we all have within.

You’ll exude an air of beauty and charm that will come from your inner confidence.

It’s a sexy secret

It’s the perfect way to express who you are and have a little fun, without having to tell anybody about it.

Is it there? Is it not? Nobody will be the wiser!

Wearing lingerie is a great act of self-love

invest in beautiful lingerie

This is the Klara Bra Set from Fredrick’s of Hollywood.

What better way is there to show yourself some love than to invest in some gorgeous lingerie that makes you instantly feel incredible?

We often forget or don’t make time to take care of ourselves, or for some reason, we don’t believe we deserve it.

But that’s crazy talk.

NEWSFLASH ladies: you do deserve it and you are worth it.

It’s super fun to shop for!

Lingerie is probably the most feminine and pretty thing you can shop for.

There’s so much to choose from when you’re going to invest in beautiful lingerie– a world of different colors, prints, fabrics, and cuts – and it’s far less trend-based than clothing, which guarantees you’ll find something you love that lasts you a long time.

It will help get you out of your comfort zone

invest in beatiful lingerie

This Medallion Lace Teddy is from Victoria’s Secret.

Buying and wearing something that’s totally different to what you’d usually wear is a great way to push your boundaries in a small way.

And the more you practice this, the less you’ll shy away from taking bigger risks and pushing yourself past your self-imposed limitations.

Our top lingerie brands

La Perla Lingerie

Fredrick’s of Hollywood Lingerie

Victoria Secret Lingerie 

So enough already with the practical underwear and saving your fineries for date nights!

Treat yourself and invest in beautiful lingerie that you LOVE and can own under your work clothes on a Tuesday…because you deserve to feel beautiful all the time.  

Looking for pencil skirt friendly undergarments? Check out this recommendation. 

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