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5 Healthy Work Lunch Ideas For The Busy WRITTEN Woman

Posted on July 27 2017

We understand your desire to never settle for anything but the best. However, so often we find ourselves settling for meals that do nothing for our bodies, let alone our busy lifestyles. With so much on our plates, literally and figuratively, it is easy to fall victim to finding food fast. Healthy eating is very important for someone always on-the-go in order to keep up our energy and motivation. We know planning out meals can be very stressful (read Sundays are for Weekly Meal Prep) and easy to forget about, that is why we curated a few healthy work lunch ideas, just for you.

Time to say goodbye to that bland salad and spice up your lunch meals. A woman who needs to obtain her hard working image needs healthy meals to support her.

Here are WRITTEN Apparel’s top 6 picks for your next healthy work lunch.

PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Chicken lettuce wraps are not only delicious, but extremely low in calories and are a great source of protein. The best part? They make in under 20 minutes. Whether you want to make them in the morning or the night before, it should be a no hassle kind of meal.

Better Than Chipotle At Home Burrito Bowl

Making a burrito bowl for the office or on the go, is a great way to get a lot of flavor and a filling meal. Surely your kitchen has some sort of leftovers, whether it’s steak, chicken, or beef, any of these meets would be perfect in your burrito bowl. All you need now is a hodge podge of your favorites to throw in like lettuce, tomatoes, rice, avocado, beans, olives, cheese and whatever else your stomach may desire. All these foods are probably lying around waiting to be eaten, throw them together for a healthy work meal. Have a day full of meetings ahead? Maybe hold the onions.

Shrimp Zucchini Noodles

Looking for low carbs and something green? This is the perfect lunch meal for that ladies. The Shrimp Zucchini dish is a great meal to take to the office. It is a quick meal that isn’t thought of very often. It might seem like a pasta dish, it’s really just shrimp and veggies…how healthy!

Double Stuffed Peppers

This dish will give you the most gourmet lunch in the office. Stuff your peppers with all the nutrients your body needs to get through the day. Taking only 20 minutes in the oven and two ingredients needed, money and time are no excuse.

Rainbow Rolls

Want to eat a wrap without the extra carbs? Want to eat your beloved salad without the mess? Well Good Housekeeping is introducing to you the Rainbow Rolls, a brand new way to eat a salad or wrap. Create your very own ingredients or follow the recipe, then wrap the contents in the edible wrapper, and just like that you have a simple and healthy work lunch.

As you explored new recipes, stop settling for anything but the best, use these 5 healthy work lunch ideas to be showing up to the office in “food style”.

We understand that business can get in the way of healthy eating, but it doesn’t have to be any longer.


What are a few of your favorite healthy lunches that you bring to your workplace?

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