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Six Reasons You Need To Invest In A Pencil Skirt

Posted on May 31 2017

Spring is in full swing, and with it comes a fresh and exciting new season of clothes.

But we know you’re no slave to the trends. You’re a woman who was born to stand out, making a bold fashion statement wherever you go. The best way to stay unique is by mixing classic, timeless pieces with a few carefully selected trend items; that’s why we love the pencil skirt so much. It’s such a wonderfully versatile item that you can wear year after year, without needing to replace it.

Check out our top six reasons why you need to invest in one today.

1. Spring/Summer ’17 is all about the waist

Hourglass silhouettes are back in, and there’s no better way to flatter your gorgeous figure than in a form-fitting pencil skirt. As soon as you slip it on, you’ll be greeted by waist definition, smooth curves, and a hem that will sit perfectly at the slimmest point of your pins.

To emphasize your waist even more and draw attention to the narrowest part of your torso, you can add a skinny belt.

2. Easy to wear from day to night

Pencil skirts are smart enough to keep you looking professional at the office, and can easily be dressed up for after-work socials and soirees.

Simply slip on a pair of your favorite strappy stilettos, grab a statement clutch bag, a sparkly piece of jewelry and you’re all set.

3. They are surprisingly comfortable to wear

Maybe you have visions of struggling down the street in a pencil skirt that completely restricts your legs from moving freely?

As long as a pencil skirt has a split in the bottom hem (or vent), you will be able to move as comfortably as you would in jeans…trust us!

4. You can mix and match

Skirts are great, because you can create a whole range of outfits by investing in just one piece.

Wear your pencil skirt with a jumper or a t-shirt for a dressed-down look, a pretty printed blouse or fitted button up for the office, or turn heads in something delicately sheer or sparkly for the evening.

5. The pencil skirt is timeless

Pencil skirts have been making women look and feel amazing since the 50’s when this exciting new shape was unveiled by Christian Dior (as part of his H-line collection), in contrast to the tight waist and full skirts he was previously popular for.

Fast forward sixty years and women are still head over heels for this silhouette.

We all own at least one pencil skirt, because it has become a classic must-have piece for the modern woman’s wardrobe.

6. Did we mention they are oh-so flattering?

So often we hear “I don’t have the figure for a pencil skirt”. Guess what, that’s the job of the pencil skirt! No woman can look bad in a pencil skirt. It’s unheard of because this figure hugging silhouette will nip you in at all the right places, while accentuating or creating curves simultaneously.

You are guaranteed to feel feminine and fabulous at all times and look like the powerful #GirlBoss you are.

What made you decide to invest in your first pencil skirt?


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